Hold a Vibe

Vibey Caps is a blend of functional and organic mycelium giving you gentle euphoria, enhancing senses, making you stop overthinking and inspiring creativity!

What do people use Vibey Caps for?

Vibey Caps are great if you’re looking for a little vibe! People take them Vibey Caps everywhere – by the beach, with friends, in the club and even at work to enhance creativity.

How does one Vibey Cap make you feel?


Enhanced senses

Feel less anxious and stressed

More connected with yourself

Creative ideas and thoughts

How should I take Vibey Caps?

It’s best to have Vibey Caps on an empty stomach, 2-3 hours after eating. We recommend having some lemon juice with it as it can help you absorb it.

Can Vibey Caps help with anxiety and depression?

Yes, Vibey Caps are great because they stop you from overthinking. Many people take Vibey Caps 3 or 4 times per week and it really helps them reduce anxiety and depression!


Ingreditents: Blend of functional and organic mycelium, vegetable caps

Small Dose

1-2 Vibey Caps at once
  • Gentle euphoria
  • Enhanced senses
  • Reduced stress and anxiety

Medium Dose

3-4 Vibey Caps at once

  • Greater euphoria and contentness
  • Heightened senses
  • Greater appreciation

Large Dose

5 Vibey Caps at once

  • More full enjoyment
  • Greater appreciation
  • Sensory improvement
  • Creative insights and ideas

Small dose

Medium dose

Large dose